Monday, November 7, 2011

Globalisation of Protest, Poverty and Price Rise

What is justification for giving subsidy, interest concession, providing free land or low cost land to big exporters, top industrialist when our government cannot find it wise to give tax concession on prices of petrol to give relief to common men?

Do they think that diesel is used by only poor and by farmers or by only bus operators, not at all by rich people?

Bitter truth is that diesel and domestic gas cylinders are used by rich business men in their diesel car and for their hotel, businesses, and industries and so on.

Does the government think that poor only uses kerosene oil?

Fact is that kerosene is mostly used in adulteration by petrol or diesel distributors in nexus with oil producing and oil distributing companies.

Secondly why is government providing high class food to MPs at nominal and negligible cost and bearing the entire cost from government exchequer?

Why all PSUs provide subsidized goods including gas , coal, food, houses to their employees.?

When government says that it has freed petrol price to be decided by market dynamics, why not the same government is withdrawing all facilities extended to exporters, importers, industrialists, traders, service providers and leaving them to survive on market dynamics?

Why all bitter laws are meant for poor and downtrodden only. It hardly matters much if a few facilities are snatched from rich class people to share the same with common men.

Unfortunately Government decides and regularly regulates bus fare, auto fare, taxi fare, coolie charges but not having any control on higher and higher profit ratio loaded on each goods by their producers and sellers.
Government of India under the leadership of Manmohan Singh introduced policies of liberalization, privatization and globalization in the year 1991 and since then pathetic position of common men have gone from bad to worse and the difference between rich and poor have widened to a dangerous level.
Number of poor has trebled i.e. from 35 crores to 105 crores and number of rich has also trebled from 5 crores to 15 crores. Unregulated and unwarranted freedom to business houses, to rich people and to high profile politicians has resulted in globalization or protest, globalization of revolt. Politicians, few lacs of officers and few crores of businessmen have accumulated all wealth in their fold and poor common men are crying and crying only.

Even banks which were nationalized by Indira Gandhi to serve common men and to extend loan to common men at subsidized rate are now engaged in serving only rich people. High value loans processed in a day or two and sanctioned at low interest rate whereas low value projects are referred to NGO or Micro Finance Institutes which charges unbearable interest rate and where even months are wasted in processing and sanctioning of loan.. Higher the deposit, higher is the rte offered by banks, For low value deposits, even savings deposits: banks offer lower rate than rate which is offered to rich people for bulk deposit.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Food Inflation is sign of Prosperity

Our Prime Minister, respected Manmohan Singh say, “Food inflation may be sign of growing prosperity”.
Manmohan Singh is surrounded by top trade houses and top industrialists of the country. He lives in and around richest people of India and he interacts only with mostly rich people , he moves in foreign countries for attending various meeting and hence he always come across signs of prosperity.

He has read in books various principles of economics and the result of various economic theories. He keeps his eyes and ears closed and act as per theory what he has read during his college life when the economic condition and global scene was entirely different.

Manmohan Singh is thus not aware of pathetic position of 100 crores Indians who live and die in poverty, who are moving from pillar to post in search of suitable employment and who cannot afford good house to live in and good schools and colleges where he can afford quality education.. He is not at all interested to realize the pain of poor and this is why he says that food inflation is sign of growing prosperity.

Theory without practice is impotent and practice without theory is blind.
Leaders like Manmohan Singh, Chidambram, Pranab Mukherjee and Montek Singh Ahulwalia may possess a good number of valued degrees in Economic and political science, but they have miserably failed in using economic principles and political ideologies for the betterment of common men and for overall development and equitable growth of the country.

Manmohan Singh may be clean and honest and simple too but he as head of the government has failed to stop corruption of his ministers.

There may be many reputed advocates in the cabinet of Manmohan Singh, but they have completely failed to ensure quick and affordable justice to all.

There may many wise men in the government ruling the country, but they have not performed well to provide affordable education to children of poor and middle class families.

Policies of reformation, privatization, liberalization and globalization adopted by Manmohan Singh led government may have given benefits to a few hundred rich trade houses but failed to protect the interest of common men.

Leaders of ruling UPA led by Congress Party may have experience of four to five decades in ruling the country but they have completely failed to ensure good governance and corruption free departments and failed to mitigate the hardship common men are facing in their day to day life.

GDP growth of India may be comparable with China and may be higher than that of USA, UK, Japan, Germany and many other developed countries. But the government led by Manmohan Singh has completely failed to provide comfortable and respectful living for common men.

Price rise and pain of inflation is beyond control of the government. Manmohan Singh has given conflicting and confusing statement many times during last three four years on the issue of price rise but failed to convince aggrieved common men. Sometime he says that he has got no magic stick which can stop price rise and some other time he says that he says that price rise represents prosperity of Indians.

He says that his government has been taking appropriate steps to contain price rise and have been making one after promises to control price rise, giving one after other dates by which prices of goods will start coming down.RBI has taken a lot of monetary steps, revised interest rate 13 to 14 times and amended policies frequently to control price rise and inflation but failed to achieve the goal.

Government of Manmohan Singh may blame BJP, NDA or other opposition parties or state governments for the failure of central government , may promise for uncalled for reservation quota for Muslims or Dalits, may waive loans of farmers to the tune of billions of rupees on the eve of general election, may torture Team Anna or Ramdeo and their followers but cannot change the perception of common men for long. Anger of common men against anti people attitude of the government is visible to all.
Manmohan Singh says that food inflation is the sign of growing prosperity. In our country, person earning Rs.34 and higher in a day is not poor and hence is prosperous in the eye of Manmohan Singh.

National advisory committee advises Sonia Gandhi that rise is petrol price will not affect or contribute in price rise. It further says that petrol is used by hardly 5% of Indian population. It means 95% of Indian population cannot afford Motor cycle or scooty.
Food inflation is the sign of prosperity, says our doctor PM Manmohan Singh. This is why Manmohan Singh justifies hike is petrol price and he is further ready to accelerate price rise and inflation by deregulate price of diesel in line with petrol deregulation so that prosperity of India my go up and up. Three salute to Doctor MS for his vast knowledge in Economics.

I am a layman, however i would like to suggest learned MS to impose tax on water and there is no doubt that price rise will be more steep and food inflation will go higher and higher symbolizing prosperity growth of the country and at last his reputation will go from global level to other planets too.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

UPA cannot Stop Rising Prices

RBI head Mr. Suba Rao or Mr. Manmohan Singh or Mr. Pranab Mukherjee or Mr. Chidambram or Mr. Montek Ahluwalia or the Manmohan team as a whole have totally failed in stopping relentless price rise during last five years and still they can do nothing to control price rise or to control inflation until they change their mindset, they change their policy framework , their style of governance and their habit of accusing BJP , NDA or state government for their failure.

Monetary measure undertaken by RBI after 2008 global recession were uncalled for and unwarranted, and now after the economy has already caused huge damage to the society and the economy of the country, the monetary steps taken by RBI and the government are absolutely inadequate to stop rising trend in prices and to control inflation . 

Entire efforts to control inflation will definitely and undoubtedly prove ineffective until they honestly and sincerely take corrective steps against rich businessmen who are exploiting poor consumers and who are merely serving the interest of politicians to serve their vested interest.

Freedom without restriction has caused enormous damage to the society and the economy during last two decades and this is why Mr. Manmohan Singh has been making promise after promise and extending time after time to control rising prices and to keep inflation within limit. 

Entire world is suffering due to globalization and privatization. 85 countries of world including USA protested on 15th of October against policies of their government which are blindly supporting and acting for the benefit of rich class. 

Profit making is beyond the control of present UPA government led by Doctor Economist Manmohan Singh and neither does the government want to regulate profit ratio of top trade houses or industrialists. Political class flourishes on the fund given by top businessmen of the country and hence they cannot imagine of taking any punitive action against exploitation perpetuated by top ranked rich people.

Incomes of common men and salaried class rise hardly at the rate of 2 to 3% per year whereas prices of all essential goods rises 20 to 30% per year. Due to this mismatch , most of Indian families are unable to afford essential goods and good education for their children and pressure of pain caused by this mismatch is slowly and consistently creating anger among poor and middle class people against the ruling government..

Capacity of 95% of Indians is coming down year after year in affording livelihood and it has become difficult for common men to spend peaceful and normal life. On the contrary wealth of top 500 rich houses has multiplied many times and reached to greater and greater height year after year. 95% of GDP and wealth of the country is in the hands of top 500 to 1000 houses. Living style of top 5% of population has become a thorn in the eye of bottom 95%of population.

Gap between rich and poor has widened to intolerable extent and this is why national unrest is growing day and day, year after year throughout the country. India is facing economic crisis because it adopted the policies of reformation without the strict provisions of regulation, control and punitive action. Government completely failed to ensure equal and judicious distribution of GDP growth said to have been achieved by government due to policies of reformation.

Results expected boon from the policies of globalization and privatization instead of becoming boon for common men have become curse for the society and for the nation as a whole only due to persons like Manmohan Singh and his team named above who were and who are said to be pioneer and front runner in implementation of policies of liberalization and privatization in the world. It is undoubtedly true that wealth of top politicians and officers along with top ranked businessmen houses have grown hundreds of times during the regime of Mr. Manmohan Singh.

To add fuel to fire, the level and volume of corruption has broken all records during the regime of Manmohan Singh and now the corrupt team of his ministers and politicians backing Manmohan Singh are frequently and consistently trying to change the agenda of common men and that of Team Anna by criticizing wrongly or rightly BJP and RSS. Government does not want to talk on national issues like price rise, unemployment, threat from naxalism and terrorism, rising corruption, lack of governance but only engaged in playing blame game with opposition parties.

Unfortunately the fourth pillar of democracy, Media is also not doing justice with the burning issues of the nation. Points of debate initiated by media are normally irrelevant and illogical such as “Anna will or will not the candidate for the post of President”, “Advani is in the race of PM’s post or not”, dispute between Advani and Modi, Team Anna is backed by RSS or not , growing differences between Pranab and Chidambaram, Manmohan Singh is remote controlled by Sonia or not ,dalits are exploited or not, quota is adequate or not, name of the state or a district should be changed or not etc.

Due to biased attitude of media men, national issues are usually ignored and sacrificed on the altar of TRP of TV channels and issues which divide the society and weaken the nation are highlighted again and again to increase TRP of TV.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Economis of price rise

All problems of this country can be solved only when people's representatives are not corrupt. But it is bad luck that most of them are corrupt and not honest and serious to their duty. People of India have been making hue and cry for such a long period, media men are crying on TV channels, uproar in Parliament took place, opposition parties took out rally and demonstrated before Parliament, but nothing precipitated. Rather prices are going up and up. Prices are beyond the control of the government; this is the statement of Home Minister Mr.P. Chidambaram. Finance Minister Mr. Mukherjee is waiting for monthly food grain inflationary data and our learned economist and clean Prime Minister always makes false promise to look into the problem of price rise and extend its time period for achieving the actual outcome of his efforts. Ministers make false promises to contain corruption and do not hesitate to make false promises to solve the problem, but unfortunately always fail to achieve the goal. Manmohan Singh and his team hesitate to admit the truth that reformation policy launched in the year 1991 has produced disastrous results during last 20 years.

As a matter of fact government at Delhi and Ministers in particular are not at all striking at the root cause of price rise which is hoarding and black-marketing. Ministers are playing the game of GDP growth or dancing with figure of Inflationary data or making lame excuse of global rise in price rise. Now even Mr. Chidambaram has accepted this malady and expressed the feeling that the government is not in a position to check price rise.

It is not astonishing because price rise under Congress Party regime is not unusual or uncommon or unexpected. Most of the congress people are sitting n Food grain Mandi and it is they who hoard the commodity and then sell the same at whimsically higher price. Congress Party members collect donations from all Mandi house, all big businessmen and all traders and hence Congress Party ministers or members cannot stop the dirty and painful activity of price rise willfully undertaken by wholesalers and hoarderers.When all are corrupt, it is difficult to imagine any remedy to price rise problem or solution for any problem India is facing

One and only solution to handle rampant corruption is to activate judiciary and police department to ensure action against all evil doers, all corrupt person and all criminal within a period of maximum 3 months. For this purpose judiciary will have to be fully computerized and at least one lac staff including at least twenty five thousand judges must be recruited, all possible infrastructures should be provided to make judiciary effective and vibrant. No interference from politicians and social workers should be tolerated .This is possible only when ruling party is honest and serious in their job. Unfortunately they all are corrupt and hence they cannot make judiciary stronger. As such it is foolish to dream of any solution until there is mass upsurge, violent movement and public revolt against all politicians.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

No election please

Crores and crores of rupees are spent by government as also by contesting candidates in various types of elections conducted in our country. The money for these elections comes from business community and rich government officers who have earned money generally from illegal means. Hence it is natural that the elected candidates will always try to satisfy the hungry businessmen and servicemen who support him in the election. It is therefore not astonishing that politicians all the time cry for election funding from government.
Extraordinary expenses are in fact to be incurred everywhere to acquire valuable post and position in the society. Even in service sector one has to offer valuable gifts to his bosses, ministers and others to move up in career path and to remain posted at cream places all the time. Crores of rupees are spent in welcoming a big boss, a minister or a leader and money for these are collected from businessmen. Crores of rupees are spent by service class people in showing excellent hospitality to their higher ranked officers who visit their area of operation so that they may get better treatment in promotion and posting. Precious gifts are offered to all dignitaries who visit their area. Wherefrom money for such costly hospitality does come? Naturally it is businessmen who cater to such demands and in return they expect favour from corrupt team of officers .Money for all these unwarranted expenses come from only businessmen who take advantage from powerful persons.
This is fully a money game and hence the key of the government always lies in the hands of rich people. Democracy is for the rich, by the rich and for the rich people. Economists always talk of liberalization, privatization, globalization and reformation. In this new era started from 1991 businessmen have been given undue and unregulated freedom and hence they are extorting extraordinarily high profit and this is why prices of all essential commodities have gone beyond the reach of common men.

Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh the great economists and learned Finance Minister Mr. P Mukherjee have failed to stop price rise and failed to get any success in poverty alleviation programme.During the entire year 2008, 2009 and 2010 veteran leaders of ruling party made one after other excuses for price rise but did nothing to stop its upward trend. This is because politicians of ruling party are specially obliged to business community .It is by support of the rich people of their area that an MP or MLA is elected in general election. Hence no real action is taken against profit makers, market movers, crisis creators, extorters, hoarders, black marketers. Government has completely failed to stop corrupt Ministers and corrupt officers from doing mischievous and scandalous activities.

No doubt corruption is the root cause of all maladies. Sooner of the later government has to stop these expensive elections and stop dirty political game being played by politicians, government officers and businessmen for exploiting poor people of the country. Democracy has become killer in disguise for common men. People of India do not want election, they want bread &butter, and they need proper education, proper justice, respectable living, peaceful society and proper infrastructure and so on.

Heaven is not going to fall if elections are not conducted for coming ten years provided one assures that there will not be any place for corrupt practice in the system. It is to be ensured that for coming ten years at least government servants as also politicians together serve the country honestly and devotedly for the welfare of common men and also for the overall safety and security of the country.

People do not want mutual blame game between politicians and administrative officers for all lapses; they want action against all evil doers in shortest period which can have demonstrative effect in the minds of all evil doers.

People of India cannot be happy only by hue and cry made by media men on TV channels; they want effective follow up on all exposures and quickest action against all type of criminals.

It is hoped that people of India will get some relief in the year 2011


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Debate in Parliament

Voting or not voting is politically motivated exercise. Common men wants fall in prices of essential commodities and nothing else. Entire discussion in Parliament which took place yesterday i.e. on 2nd of August 2010 on he issue of price rise in disguise of inflationary pressure and is adverse impact on common men was nothing but a well planned mutual blame game to show voters that they are actively thinking for common men.
Opposition parties accused congress of unabated price rise whereas Congress led UPA spokesmen justified the price rise saying that price rise was more during the regime of BJP led NDA government. Congress leaders told that it is the duty of state government to control price rise. They further told that prices of fuels are still lower than rates prevailing in many other countries.
Obviously ruling party has made it clear directly or indirectly that either price rise propaganda created by opposition parties is false and ill motivated or it is the duty of state government to check rise in prices. Ruling party further submitted that NDA government made changes in essential commodities act, launched commodity trading and made the laws traders friendly. During last six years of rule Congress party willfully perhaps did not change the rule only to prove the mistake of NDA government on the floor of the house.
UPA obviously did not take any step to remove hurdles from the path which obstructed and came in way leading to control on rising prices. Of course they will take some corrective steps on the eve of election to please voters at that time. If prices of sugar rises from Rs.15 to Rs 75 per kg during this period and on the eve of next election if price of sugar is brought down to Rs.70/ per kg voters will feel more pleasure and elevated, This diplomacy is nothing new under Congress rule. Even late Indira Gandhi used this tact to ensure success in election keeping business community happy and at the same time to ensure uninterrupted flow of money in party’s account..
Let common men die, starve or face mal nutrition due to rise in adulteration. Congress government nowhere expressed its pain and sympathy for common men. If there is no problem in the eye of ruling party, no solution can be expected from them. Now it is the duty of opposition parties to chalk out their new strategy or to keep calm.
Common men has to remain satisfied by news of discussion on their problem in Parliament or by watching the diplomatic debate on TV which took place in Parliament and which was undertaken to please the common men. A few more bazar bund or gherao of Parliament or arsoning at some place in protest against price rise may perhaps give pleasure to voters. After all What a poor voter can do . he has to bear with the will also make hue and cry but nothing will happen till next election comes closer.
Danendra Jain

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Common Men and Price Rise

Prices cannot be controlled by politicians like Pranab Mukherjee or Manmohan Singh or UPA as a whole because their survival depends on donation received from traders and industrialists. They cannot put restriction on traders, industrialists and exporters and hence they have given them full freedom to earn more and more profit. Farmers cannot remain behind in this mad race for profit and that for making money in the shortest time and this is why even prices of vegetables are rising and touching sky. All essential goods are more or less beyond the reach of common men.

Even Public Sector undertakings and public sector banks (PSUs and PSBs) are in mad race for showing higher profits. CEOs of PSUs are busy in registering their name in the list of yes-man of ministers so that they may get cream posting and quickest promotions. We are living in an era of flattery where quality of flattery is more significant than service to common men or that of human resources or the real service to the mankind in general. Politicians are made for traders and industrialists and vice versa. Common men are providing shoulders to these politicians and traders for firing in air apparently at each other. Real jerk of these useless firing is borne by none other than common men. In fact both traders and politicians are playing drama and befooling common men for their vested interest.

Every time finance minister assures to take steps to control price rise, market exhibits more and more rise in prices. On the eve of last Parliamentary election they took some harsh steps against traders, hoarders, profit escalators, black marketers and the resultant effect was positive. Prices did come down to some extent. Voters thought that after the grand victory in election Congress led UPA government will do better but their all hopes shattered. I am however fully confident that UPA government will become active once again only when they reach closer to next election. They will start again talking of common men again without any sense or realization of shame. In mad race of reformation and liberalization or in an effort o keep allies happy UPA government at centre is inviting another violent revolution and strengthening the hands of communists, socialist and naxalists and terrorists indirectly.

It is worthwhile to express here that the same government and the ruling party spend crores of rupees in welcoming some or the minister or some VIP every day in some town or the other. Party and the government spends hundred of crores of rupees in conducting parliamentary election or assembly election, crores of rupees are rupees are spent on inaugural functions, in making preparation for commonwealth games, IPLs and so many other avoidable ventures to teach a lesson to opposition parties, or to tease opposition parties or for their own vested interest. But unfortunately they do no have sufficient fund to build adequate godowns and warehouses to store lifesaving food grains produced by poor farmers. It is therefore not painful for them that food grains worth hundred of crores rupees are wasted and damaged every year. Yes it is also true that Mr. Sharad Pawar Agriculture Minister knows this bitter truth of food grain worth hundred of crores of rupees getting damaged every year , But he is helpless. He does not get time to think over methods, means and ways to stop loss of food grain.

Government proudly talks of GDP growth but ignore the bitter truth that production of food grain is not growing in unison with growing need. They talk of corporate finance and least bothered of reduction in farm lending through PSU banks. As such neither production is increasing , nor produced food grains are properly and safely stored and neither public distribution system is made leak proof nor prices are regulated to make the same affordable for common men.

I simply know a proverb “If there is a will there is a way”

Flatterers however always say “all is well sir”

Finance Minister, Prime Minister, RBI Governor advises common men to wait till government stabilizes, till recovery from global recession ,till monsoon comes, till Kharif crop yield comes in the market, till the year end and finally till next general election approaches near. Congress Party spokesman Mr. Manish Tiwari told yesterday on TV while participating in a debate on Times Now that NDA government in 2002 dismantled administered price system or changed this law or other. I am unable to understand why UPA government did not alter the law, amend the law when they found a hurdle in the law passed by BJP led NDA government. Common man are dieing of hunger, but the government is engaged in blame game.

God know whether anything is in control of the government or everything including Common Men are willfully, diplomatically and strategically fully left Bhawan Bharose till next election.

Danendra Jain